Working The MArriage Plan PT. 2

Working The Marriage Plan Pt. 2

Marriage advice

Yes. I would just say, keep God first. Definitely keep God first. whatever your religion is, whatever your faith, is, you definitely have to believe in something greater and higher. then you,  and so I would say keeping God first really keeps you grounded.

so doing Bible study with one another, because that’s another thing. People think, Oh, well, I gotta go to church every Sunday. Yes, it is important. You should go to church. but if for some reason you can’t make it that Sunday, don’t beat yourself up about it. You can do Bible study right from home, and do meditation and journal together and read books together.

I love marriage classes. there, Ty and I have taken throughout the years.  and, classes that we’ve signed up for that even teach us more about marriage or more about the Bible and how to really worship and pray and worship and pray with God. So I would say keep God first. Number two, two folks out your business.

you know, your marriage is very sacred and you don’t have to put every little fight or argument or disagreement on social media, and you don’t have to seek advice. From, friends or, or family because they, nobody understands your relationship and your marriage like you now. Yes. Are we a part of a married couple club and, if there’s something bothering one of like one of the married wives and she wants to open up about it or vice versa.

Have respect for one another

Shuar if there’s just something that you need advice on, not a problem at all, but. As far as I’m hitting below the belt, crossing boundaries, dragging each other, on social media, or over the phone or in person. that shouldn’t be happening because at the end of the day, you all are a team and it’s nobody else’s business what you go through, because when you start telling too many people about what’s going on behind closed doors and what’s going on in your marriage.

you guys are going to forgive one another, but everybody else doesn’t have to forgive. the person in the marriage, and now you’re coming around and you’re feeling uncomfortable, or you’re feeling like, dang, you, maybe we shouldn’t have said this or done that. So, it’s very important that if you are going to open up to anybody about your marriage, that it is somebody you trust, like your pastor, like your parents.

I’ll close. You don’t mean maybe a married girlfriend or married a brand, but it needs to be somebody that you trust if you do need advice. But other than that, I really think that you guys should be able to work it out because communication is key. And that’s the third thing I was going to say.

Communicate effectively

Communication is key. You, you’re not in this alone. If you have an issue with your spouse. Don’t be afraid to bring it up. And when you do, bring it up, be respectful, and know and take that time. If you are angry, then maybe that’s not the right time to bring it up. Because if you are angry and you start shouting, the other person goes, star, shout.

And then now you got a shouting match and you haven’t resolved anything. So. You, need to approach people the way, as it says in the Bible, treat people how you want to be treated. And if you don’t like anybody yelling at you, you shouldn’t be yelling at anybody else. So when you come together, communicate effectively, communicate effectively, respect one another, and love each other as, as much as you can and keep God first.

Baby Martin

Marriage is hard work

Marriage is a marathon and not a race. So don’t judge or be too hard on yourself within the first couple of years. FIrst get some years under your belt. Because the first two, to three years, are they all fine and dandy. But when you start getting up in their four, five, six years, it’s going to get tough. But don’t give up, you will go through things in your relationship. As time progressed more obstacles may show up in your life.

 That’s the time that you all need to come together some kind of way figure it out. Then figure out your partner strengths are and just fight it off with all you have. Keep God first. in your marriage, that should be your first and foremost priority. And as things come up just try to stay grounded with each other.

  So , just,  hang in there, even though times get tough, there is a bigger and better outcome to it. It’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, regardless of what you guys may be going through and just know you can get through it at the end of the day. Just keep God first and everything else would fall in line for you.


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