About us

Being married over 2 1/2 decades we’ve done some things, learned some things, and survived some things, to say the least. During our time together we have found ourselves being solicited for advice, unofficial counseling, and giving countless relationship do’s and don’ts, to both married and unmarried couples. We give a practical and workable hands-on approach to creating or recreating a lasting and loving relationship that each person desires. To infuse hope, love, understanding, communication, partnership, and trust to healthy or not-so-healthy marriages and relationships. To provide essential and proven tools on building an unshakable foundation from the ground up, through hard-work and pure dedication to one another. So, if you’re in it for the long road ahead, then get ready and buckle up! If Not, you’re in the wrong place!!! No free rides here.

It doesn’t matter if your marriage is new or old,…


We Love


It's ok to be...

silly with one another and just enjoy the moment. It’s about you and no one else.

Jason & Tina 2
Jason & Tina 3

Date Night

Saying I LOVE YOU without speaking a word. Being in each other’s arms and the healing power of touch.

Time Well Spent

Let your time together be about what makes you happy. No rhyme or reason, but just because. 

Jason & Tina