The Scott Story

The Scott Story

This episode is about how we met. Jason and I decided to talk about how we met, just to let you in on who we are and and how we got to be here. Give you that big picture of us, you know, that romance and and dance all getting to know us.

 So ready or not. Here we go, guys. Here’s our story.

No, we didn’t. Or in school, we didn’t meet anything like that. Nope. So how did we meet Jason? Well, let’s see if he remembers. Okay. This is my recollection. Okay. This is, this is his story. This is my story, okay? Okay. And then I’ll tell the true story. All right? So a friend of mine, we went out to a club one night and.

He met a young lady. It wasn’t just any night, it was Halloween night, right? It was Halloween. Okay. It was the weekend of holiday. It was actually Halloween. Okay. It fell on that Saturday and we went out to the club and he met, I’ll just refer to her as cat because he was dressed up like a cat. My husband is a club hopper.

Our First Date

So we went out and it was just so easy talking to one another. It was like I had my best friend. I mean, we could talk and share and, and it was just effortless. And so I come from the old school, so when we would come home from date, I didn’t want to take him in the house because one, it was late after 11 o’clock or whatever.

And so he would pull up in front of my house. And instead of me getting out, like he would say something, and next thing I know we’re in the car 20 or 30 minutes. And then my mom would somehow find out, I’m sitting in front of the house in the car and she would flick the lights. I don’t know how many of you guys are old school.

She would flick the lights on and off and then I’d be like, Oh, I need to go in the house. I’m, I’m, you know, like I can’t, my mom doesn’t like for me to sit in the car. And he was like, why not? And I was like. Like, that’s just not lady, like, like we just don’t do that. So then, you know, another five or 10 minutes, okay, I got to go.


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