When We Get Married For The Wrong Reasons

When We Get Married For The Wrong Reasons

Cynthia and Lisa share their stories. We’re talking about marriage, and unfortunately, this part of the segment, we’re talking about divorce. Cynthia has been married, three times, divorced three times, and says she will probably never do this again. Lisa has been married and divorced once. She also says she will not get married again but doesn’t want to say never. Cynthia tell most people that her ship has sailed. It’s crashed and it’s at the bottom of the ocean, so. she don’t think she’ll ever do it again. Most of her family and friends have said, you just haven’t met your soulmate yet, Her worry is that she has met her soulmate and because she wasn’t ready, that opportunity has passed. Cynthia understands that her failed relationships has a lot to do with her.

Warning signs

Lisa and her new boyfriend had a lot in common they were both teachers. She thought he was handsome and a good dancer. As she got to know him she quickly realized that he was just boyfriend material. Not husband material, but continued on in the relationship. Probably because she wasn’t happy with myself. Then to top it off she became pregnant after just six months of dating.

Lisa has always told her students to always do the right thing. She knew she could not have this baby out of wedlock. This is a mistake that many people make. Most people are so concern with what other people say and think of them. Then you make decisions about your life because of what you think someone feels about your situation. Lisa has since learned that she should put her feeling first in regards to her own life .

Start to have healthy relationships?

Cynthia says to be patient with yourself.  Be kind to yourself, love yourself, and be loving to yourself. Read and learn more about yourself so that you are able to give more to others. Be accepting of your flaws and look at them as opportunities for growth.

Lisa says it starts with yourself for sure self-love, but also, just understanding yourself as a person. Understanding your wants, your needs, expressing those to your partner. And also not only your partner, but any relationship, whether that be your friend, your parents, your kids, having conversations and, and just being honest and open. Like, I have to have these conversations with my nine year old daughter.

Like, why are we not getting along? Why are we arguing? There’s no need to be frustrated with each other. Let’s have a plan and follow through. That seems to help because people like control, people like to be in control, but also they like to feel happy and they don’t want to be sad. There’s no reason to have these power struggles.

Marriage isn’t easy, but done for the right reasons sure helps

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