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What do you see? Some may see buildings, when others see beautiful architectural aesthetics. Another eye could see heavy traffic. While someone else’s eye may see a busy city where the lights of the traffic illuminates its evening magnificence. None of them are wrong; they are only seeing what holds true to them. 

Your view may not be my view, but that doesn’t make one right and the other wrong, just DIFFERENT. Stop trying to make people see things your way just because it makes sense to you. Being open to different perspectives can help us see thing from many differ angles and sometimes in a very different light. 

In marriage, as well as in everyday relationships with others, we often try to make our mate see things the way we see it. Or do things the way we do it. This in itself can put an undesirable strain on your relationship without you even realizing it. 

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This may come as a shock to some, but yes, I, myself, am guilty of this very thing. They say the first step to recovery is acceptance. Right? And this is why I can write the thing I am writing because I am speaking from a lot of experience. Let me add, old experience, wink, wink. But I do on occasion have to catch and remind myself, my way isn’t the only way. Disclaimer…Remember this is a no judgment zone.

However, realizing that everyone is unique in his or her own way, and how he or she chooses to do something, which may not be your way, is still ok. An old saying states, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” And even though we are not skinning a cat, nor do I want to skin a cat, but if we were, you can choose your way and I can choose mine, as long as in the end we get our each desired results. Recognizing the little things that can hinder our relationship(s) may help us to eliminate unnecessary unforeseen problems.

Being you is what makes you, YOU! And me being me is what makes me, ME! We can be different and still work. 

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