The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working Together

I just noticed that, during this time, at first we were really happy with this lock-down and everything, but I think the more time you spend together, initially people who didn’t know each other may have gotten that opportunity to get to know each other.

But the more time you spend together sometimes, it’s not what you think is going to be right. And I say all of that to say that,  this project was. Quite the project. It was hard physically and mentally. It is beautiful. The shed came out really nice. We probably weren’t talking to each other a couple of days or whatever, but it’s so funny because we could be inside and everything is fine.

As soon as we go outside to work together, it’s like two totally different people. Going in two different directions, but trying to get to the same things done. But what I was thinking is like, we go out there and we started with the intention of, Oh, we’re going to work well together. But once we start it, it doesn’t always go that way.

Somehow some way we always start arguing or we always seem to do things to get on the other person’s nerve. And it always ends up. Something different than what you anticipate. And I say all of that to say that, in marriage, we have to recognize that when we marry someone, how we do things and how we view things, isn’t always the answer.

 I think back to this whole project, And I was like, man, if I was out here by myself, I could, I have done this. I would’ve done that. I wouldn’t have taken so long.


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