Complicated Relationships: 101

Relationships are complicated now because a lot of it has to do with like social media like Instagram, Facebook. But it opens you to a lot of criticism and a lot of judgments. Now you think you why don’t I have a relationship like that.

I agree with the whole social media thing because I feel like people make their relationship goals based on social media feed. So we are like, Oh, I want to be like Kim and Kanye or J and B or whoever are your friends. You don’t see the bad stuff that’s going on in the relationship. No one has a perfect relationship even if thy portrait it that way.

I feel like people just complicate things too much and they think that things are supposed to be a certain way. When in reality, you just have to have a talk with a partner. And figure it out together instead of just one, assuming one thing. You see these relationships on social media and think that. yours should be the exact same way.

We need to try to get a connection here. I feel like some people are just to naive or ignorant,  as far as the relationship goes.

I feel as though, men don’t really want to get in relationships because they don’t. , know how to be vulnerable. In order for you to be in a relationship, you have to be open and vulnerable with the other person about your feelings, about how you feel about certain things.

That’s where the disconnect is until that man is mature enough confident enough in himself to actually be open about himself. Then that’s when he will be ready to be in that relationship. And that’s where that connection will come together.

In order to have a good relationship first don’t settle and don’t try to be someone, you’re not. Don’t try to make your relationship perfect, because you will be setting yourself up for failure. It’s not easy so don’t be so hard on yourself. Enjoy getting to know your partner and take things slow.


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