96: What Do You Think Intimacy Is

In this week’s episode, Jason and Tina Marie decided to be real and talk about what is “intimacy” to them. The word intimacy has several different meanings and can be broken into many different areas. 

However, often in marriage the word intimacy for women means showing love, affection, and deeper connection, but not necessarily sex. Whereas, for men the word usually means or signals sex, the wanting, needing, and actions of sex.

 We already know that men and women view things differently, especially intimacy. Why? How can we bridge the gap and bring a common meaning to the word in our marriages? We talk about breaking down the barriers, well this is surely one that needs to be broken down!!

 Listen to this week’s episode and join the conversation on their Friday Facebook and YouTube Live to discuss your thoughts or what you did to increase and strengthen the intimacy in your relationship. If we don’t talk about real problems how can we ever expect to get real answers that can help us get the relationships we want!? So what is your definition of “intimacy?” 


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