28: Marriage Is What You Make It

In today's episode, we're going to speak with Cedric and Sajata Williams, which have been married for 22 years.

Cedric has a Texas transplant, which they like to say he got there as fast as he could.

Sajata is an East Texas girl, native, Texas, and proud to call Fort worth home.

The couple enjoys the view, smelling the roses and laughing at family pictures.

They live, love, and sell real estate around Fort worth and enjoy providing one Oh one personal service to their clients.

They are privileged to touch hundreds of potential clients and homeowners every year, literally opening doors to homeownership and short.

They make people feel at home. And they have sold many homes in the process. and their team Magnolia residential group stands on the shoulders of Keller Williams Realty and they are blessed to be part of such an amazing company and culture. They look forward to sharing their Southern hospitality and marketing expertise with you.

They are parents of one-year-old twin girls and are so grateful to the Lord for entrusting them to raise the girls according to his stature.

This show has a lot of personality, a big personality. Well, would

you expect anything else coming out of Texas?

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