107: Understanding Gender Roles, Touching, Communication, and Conflict

Join Jason and Tina Marie with their guest, Alicia Davon, as they talk about gender roles, touching, communication, and conflict. Alicia is a relationship coach with a Master’s degree in Integral Psychology focusing on women’s romantic and sensual expression. She shares how she and her husband, Erwan, teach singles and couples about sexuality and relationships. Stay tuned!

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

1.     From business partners to husband-and-wife team

2.     On gender roles: prioritize the relationship

3.     The line drawn between sensual and sexual

4.     Effective communication in resolving conflict

5.     For the ladies – communicate directly and simply

6.     And so much more!


About Alicia Davon:

Alicia Davon holds a Master’s degree in Integral Psychology with a focus on women’s romantic and sensual expression. She trained as a therapist before meeting Erwan and led numerous women’s groups devoted to female pleasure and life fulfillment, from career to relationship. She met Erwan 20 years ago and started teaching with him soon after.


You can find Alicia Davon on . . .

Website: https://erwandavon.com/


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